Become A Professional Bartender TODAY

This 'On-Line' Mixology Course is an easy to follow, step by step lesson plan, giving you the confidence, tools, techniques, and modern day knowledge, that will enable you to 'Get That Bartender Job' you want.

Get Certified Today!


You will learn the tricks, style and guest service that will make you stand above your fellow bartending teammates. You will have access to tricks, jokes, pick up lines and true bartending entertainment!

We will teach you how to 'make memories'!


The techinques of tin flipping, bottle handling, portion control and drink recipe knowledge will make you look and act like a pro. We are NOT a flair bartender training service. We will give you the tools you can use, to 'MAKE YOU MONEY' and attract more business, for you and your bar!

Video Classroom

You will have high quality video instruction that will give you 'real world' training, all in the comfort of your own home or business.

In addition... we'll show you how to build a resume that WILL get you the job you want!

Wine Training

Learn about wine!

Where it comes from, how it's made and how to serve it.

Sell it like a pro, a serve it like a sommelier.

Wine can be intimidating, but it doesn't need to be.

We'll give you a strong understanding of what you need to know to impress your future boss and your guests.

21st Century Garnishing

It's not just limes olive and cherries anymore! Modern day bartenders are using 'farmer's market' organically sourced herbs, fruits, fresh pressed juices and spices. Complete with cutting techniques and presentation ideas. The sky is the limit, but PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING!

You will learn how the modern day pros do it!

Be The Star of the Show

& Make Great Extra Money!

Our modern day approach to instruction, will leave you with the skills to get a job in a bar, restaurant or nightclub, OR,  build your own business, being an event and banquet bartender. Get clients right off of 'craigslist! How does $25 or $30 an hour sound?

You can pay for this course in 'ONE NIGHT'!

Drawing from the experience of 40 years in the hospitality field, your instructor, Blake Donaldson, will show you just what you need to know.

Real world, modern day bartending, focusing on guest service, not just teaching you drink recipes.


You'll finish in about two weeks, with a resume, modern day bartender certificate and the game plan to go out and find that bartender job you want! Get a second career! Earn Extra Income! Be the star of the show!


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